A game of twenty minutes for that fab and fit body

HELLO my lovely ladies 🙂
                                How are you ? 🙂  Today i am going to share with you my mantra for fitness and the news is that your favourite stars follow it too ….Talk about kareena kapoor, its her fab body secret too…I have already written my two posts on fitness and both were regarding healthy eating and food habits that help you remain fit , but as we all know exercise and diet goes hands in hand and nobody can promise you a healthy and great body with any one of these elements missing . If somebody does ” don’t rely on them ” they will be doing more harm than good to you .One element  is incomplete without the other. We can say that  70% diet and 30% of exercise leads you to a 100% fit and healthy body. As i said in my earlier posts fad diets are a strict no no and so do i think about those rigorous workout sessions until and unless you are following your proper diet plan as instructed by your trainer or gym instructor. Now lets see what we all do  !!! join gym for two three months, loose 10,15 kilos and just quit going thinking we have achieved what we needed …fault lies here!!! …consistency and dedication is all that matters . My mantra is don’t do for two hours a day for three months and quit it , but you can just do it for twenty minutes but must do it on regular basis . Studies have shown that half an hour of exercise gives you similar results as of an one hour exercise ….Following rigorous work out for a month or two and then quitting it gives us the same result that we get when we quit our so called weight loss diets ..we definitely put on double of what we had lost and a saggy skin comes in free for us……:( yes , but thats true 🙂
                        I personally love doing yoga in the morning . Benefits of yoga are not unheard of , so wont bore explaining them in detail …would quickly point them out for you 🙂 … it helps you get relieved from day to day stress , relieves body aches , balance hormones and helps you fight a number of day to day diseases. thanks to my mom who introduced yoga to me when i was just in high school…
                        These days we all say ” Life is too busy to exercise daily yaar” 🙁   and of course it stands out true …whether she’s a house wife , a professional , a mother who has to send her children school , life is just too fast these days despite number of maids in every house , still we are all too busy to get some free time for ourselves …I personally feel other than dancing , yoga is an exercise or we can say lifestyle that can be followed at home easily ( but once you have learnt it from a good yoga trainer , baba ramdev has made it so easy these days :p ) . There are many yoga postures that have their own individual benefits for individual problems but if you are in search of a sure shot method without much fuss go for suryanamaskar…. the only yoga exercise that makes each and every part of your body move…. suryanamaskar also known as the mother of all asanas involve 12 postures and is a complete fitness package in itself ….Very much effective in getting that glowing face and toned belly .You can start it from doing thrice a day as your body will not allow you to do more than that when you are just a beginner but slowly and gradually you can extend it to as many times as you want or your schedule allows you … One round of surya namaskar takes one minute to complete it and twenty minutes means twenty rounds ..
                                                     ref. pic. ( A )
ref. pic. ( B )
                   Things you should keep in mind before starting it  :
                1.Do it empty stomach ( not until after 3hrs.of solid food and 2hrs. of liquid diet).
                2.Don’t skip warm up exercise of at least 5 minutes before starting suryanamaskar to avoid injury.
                3.Get a good mat for yourselves , don’t do it on bare floor or on too soft mattresses.
                4.Post workout meal within ten minutes( banana , a glass of milk or some porridge is good option)
                5. If you are doing it indoor open all the windows ,doors to let fresh air come in.
                6.Don’t cross your body limits..don’t push yourself too hard you will only hurt yourself.
                7.Gradually increase the number of times you do it.
                8.No need to invest costly joggers for yourself.
                   Plus points of yoga over other exercises  :
                1.Demands very less space.
                2. No fitness equipments required other than a good mat.
                3. Free of cost (no gym memberships).
                4.Can be performed in your hotel room also ( when you are in a holiday mood ).
                5.Can be done in your room itself during winters(no need to go out for gym in chilled mornings).
                6.Just need your 20 to 25 minutes daily.
                7.You don’t need to travel anywhere to do it ,saves time that you spent on going to gym & coming                  back.
                       SO, i believe everybody can atleast take out these 20 to 25 minutes from your daily routine to let yourself feel and look the way you want to .You cant make anyone else happy until unless you yourself are happy . YOGA IS THE WAY TO HAPINESS “TRY IT” 🙂
              NOTE : ref.pic (A) is for all the 12 surnamaskar postures ..
                           ref.pic (B) is for inhaling and exaling to be followed while doing each asana…

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