Are you going to singapore !!

Hello Fellas !!

I am back after all my energies recollected . Sorry for being away for such a long time . I really missed writing to u all 🙂 .  Reason behind this was my being on holiday to Singapore this month . All the time was spent in preparations for the trip and then after coming back getting myself ready to start my routine again. So here is my first post on my experiences i gathered from my journey .

Today on the blog i would be discussing what all we should keep in mind while preparing for trip to Singapore .

We planned this trip with a local tour operator from Ludhiana after almost spending a fortnight discussing the rates with people . Their staff is quite efficient and her name was Erica who truly did her best to give the best possible rates she could provide me for the trip . But still comparing make my trip rates with what the local tour operator was giving , it exceeded almost 20k . So decided to go for the package that the local tour operator was providing us and it was exactly similar to the package that make my trip was giving us and still with a better property to stay .

Next lets check out what all you need to keep in mind while going to Singapore :

  • As per International Standards they don’t allow you to check in before 12 or 2 pm even if you arrive there as early as 7am in the morning . So keep your flight schedule as such that you don’t have to wait much as you are already much exhausted after a 5 and half hour long flight if you took it from Delhi .
  • If you are a vegetarian you wont have any problem getting pure veg food there . You can easily find  pure veg restaurants even restaurants serving you authentic Chinese food that does not contain egg or any non veg material in it . You can ask me for restaurant details if you want to find one near to the place where you are staying by mailing me at
  • A simple basic meal for two would cost you around RS.1000 to 1500 in Singapore and if you are living somewhere far from your favourite food joint and you prefer going by a taxi there you will have to pay at least 500 extra as taxi fair . Taxis are quite costly in Singapore .
  • To get a taxi just don’t ask them that would they drop you to your desired destination or not instead just sit inside first and then explain them where you need to go.We really had problem getting taxi from Little India but then this method really helped us getting one.
  • Language would not  a problem here as almost every other person knows English here and don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need for directions as people here are quite friendly and ready to help you anytime .
  • One most important thing that one must keep in mind when you are going for sight seeing with a tour planned taxi that if they ask a pick up at 9.00 am from your hotel or the place where you are staying you should be in the lobby or waiting lounge at least twenty minutes earlier otherwise they wont wait for you and leave you there only.
  • Do keep your umbrellas with you as it can start raining anytime there .
  • Don’t carry your passport along with you as it is not safe . You can keep them in the hotel safe or with anyone you can trust .
  •  Plan at least a five to six night trip if you want to shop and explore the local area and markets over there . ( where to shop would be discussed in my next post soon 🙂 )
  • Avoid staying in Little India if you want to get the local feel . Little India is quite similar to India itself . But food would not be a problem for an Indian if you stay there . We decided to stay out of it to get the local Singaporean feel 🙂
  • While packing your stuff back do check your suitcases properly even if you are staying in a five star property as if you get caught in any drug related activity they just have death sentence and nothing else for it . So it’s better to play safe .

So, here it is all for today and next post is going to be on where to shop and what not to miss if you are in Singapore 🙂


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