Here i come with my first post on fitness as this blog is about fashion makeup and fitness all together. Below i would be discussing  five basic and healthy  habits that you can follow in your day to day life and i bet you will love the way you look and feel about yourself . Most of us want to shed those 5 extra kgs that are hard to loose despite all our efforts .Sso come along with me with my tested and applied methods that ultimately lead to fitness. Hope I could help you and you love these steps the way i did.
1. SAY NO TO MORNING TEA OR COFFEE: Yes you have to quit !  Even if you don’t like it . It’s not that you can’t have it at all but let it not be the first thing in the morning. Studies show that bed tea makes body cells sluggish and slows down our metabolism. Yes yes !! i know 🙂  it’s too difficult 🙁  Who knows better than me 😉 being myself a true tea addict. I too was a  bed tea addict , but now its any seasonal fruit that is the first thing i eat in the morning During summers I even had mangoes ( blamed for weight gain ) as first thing in the morning . After eating your fruit you can enjoy your cuppa . Best option to have your tea is have it with your breakfast , this first basic step can lead you loose 2 to 3 kgs in a month ,  and pls reduce your tea or coffee intake to maximum two cups a day because more the cups means more of sugar and rest you know .
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2. FEED YOURSELF, DON’T STARVE:  How would your face feel or look like if you deprive it off of all the creams and lotions or masks you apply on it to make it glow, soft and beautiful. It will look pale and aged . So , how can your body feel healthy, happy and great when you make it starve to look slim and good.. Please don’t deprive your body of all the essential nutrients that it need to function properly. Think wise and eat healthy and healthy here  does not mean that you should just eat fruits or veggies all day , instead have your proper meals at proper time and make fruits and veggies a part of this meal along with Carbs, Protein and Fat ( yes !! fat my ladies ) . 1 tsp of ghee is must for healthy and glowing skin and your joints. Make your body happy by feeding it properly and in return it will make you happy.
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 3. EAT EVERY TWO TO THREE HOURS:  Prepare your menu for the next day a day prior and follow it religiously. By noting down and following it next day, you will eat wisely and consume fewer calories. Never skip your breakfast as it will provide you energy all day long and would also control your urge to eat junk . A good and healthy breakfast provide nutrients to your brain cells to function properly and thus helps in right decision making. Select your portions wisely, don’t overindulge and please don’t see everything as calories but do see them as nutrients . Calories from a cheese pizza may be equal to a Paneer Parantha but nutrients vary, pizzas are just empty calories but Paneer Paranthas are not . Plan 6 to 7 small meals every two to three hours which include three main meals (breakfast , lunch ,dinner ) and the rest should include things like fruit nuts(only a handful) milk , flavored curd ,  lassi , sprouted moong or roasted chanas etc. These small meals will control your temptation to cheat on refined flour biscuits, burgers, fried snacks etc.
 4. GREEN TEA: MY favourite cuppa to keep weight in check . I don’t forget to have my green tea daily. Rich in antioxidants , it improves  metabolism and digestion process , gives  healthy glowing skin as it fights free radicals , is anti aging , boosts immunity , relieves stress and last but not the least prevents you from a number of cancers. Dont like the way it taste  ?  Pour boiling water in a big mug  ( small quantity makes it taste bitter sometimes ) and diffuse your green tea bag in it for not more than three minutes and now add juice of one lemon and a pinch of rock salt .  These days I am loving my ORGANIC INDIA tulsi green tea as it is pesticide and chemical free. It tastes awesome .You can buy it at any Fabindia store or at Healthkart.com online .
                                                                                                                                                                                                        5. EXERCISE REGULARLY: Indulge yourself in any form of exercise that you prefer personally but be regular. It’s must !! No diet works without proper exercise . it’s not that you have to spend half of your day in gym but a 30 minutes of daily routine exercise does wonders . Be it Dance , Jogging , Running , Yoga , Aerobics  or any other kind of workout , follow whatever you like and enjoy doing . Exercise release good hormones, relieves stress, slows aging, and no doubt reduces your weight too 🙂
 So, start following these basic five steps and you will see results within a month or even fortnight . Hope this post helps you and do share it with your friends too if you like the tips above  because healthy world is a happy world 🙂

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