I love it when you have planned to wear something else but at the last moment you just wear what you feel really comfortable in . I am running errands all day long for some major things happening at home front . Totally busy in preparations of welcoming a new member in our family . No No !! m not planning a baby any soon . Its my brother in laws marriage and m quite busy with that . Being MIA from blog for past few weeks have another reason too . Nainazway is going to be a whole new story soon . Working on giving it a better platform and adding some new fun elements too to the blog that i know you all would surely love . That’s my second love after Fashion (Any Guesses !! )When you are stuck getting one work done after another you need to be comfortable in what you are wearing at least . Shopping is fun when you do it for yourself but when you have to play stylist to someone in the family who could not be convinced readily it becomes all together  a different story . Running from one store to another , eating all the crap that you are offered when you are spending big bucks at a store by the sales executives . How much you refuse they never gonna let you leave without having their sugar loaded drinks and all refined junk at their place . At that particular moment you are like god to them to whom they have to offer their Prasadm religiously . Wish they could do much better in knowing taste of the client in fashion rather than their taste in food , Our jobs would have been much easier .

This outfit was just thrown together at the last moment while going out . Temperature reaching 35centigrade in Punjab all i could think of was a basic white t shirt with mine so very comfortable sneakers from Converse . They can beat any fancy flat shoes or ballet scenes anytime and don’t ever mess with them on the matters of comfort . In addition to that they look so chic too .. isn’t it ? If you have had checked my earlier posts you would have known till now that i am hardly a jeans person . I personally don’t feel much comfortable in them  ( personal choices right !! ) and especially when you have to continuously sit long hours at one place , i guess leggings become your best friends . So , skipped wearing jeans and went for leggings again this time and a big bag was must to include all the mess you need during summers like sunscreen , water bottle , face mists , hairbands , EDTs , sanitizer , tissues ,  and many things more .  So , this outfit had all the elements that would keep you comfortable and safe during a long day of hopping and jogging in the local markets or fancy malls .

Hope you liked this very casual but comfy outfit this time and do share your queries regarding where to shop for wedding if you are in Punjab or need to shop from Punjab ( I can guide you to the best places girls 🙂 !! )

Till then keep loving Nainazway 🙂


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