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We girls love makeup is a universal truth and with high-end brands now easily available online, it’s hard for one to resist the temptation to buy a new launch, or a much talked about beauty product with hundreds of girls giving it a five-star rating and going gaga while dishing out online reviews. Trust me, I have purchased quite a number of products that were given five-star ratings but I didn’t like them or they were not at all worth the hype.

It’s not a bad idea to splurge your hard earned money on big brands. After all, when such priced possessions come out of our bags for those regular touchups, they make us feel no less than a diva. But in the end, everyone has a budget. Right! and moreover what’s the use of a tempted splurge that cost you a bomb but ends as a damp squib. Shed tears, take a deep breath and end up wiser after mistakes.

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Trust me you don’t need to buy kilos of makeup until unless you are in the Fashion industry or say you are Beauty Blogger. Few wise choices could make your face and pocket both happy. Let’s go through where you need to splurge and where you can save when it comes to looking best with makeup; I would never recommend saving by buying cheap cosmetics after all you play with your skin first and makeup after that.

Base Makeup:

Always prefer buying base products like Foundation, Concealers from high-end brands. although drugstore brands are coming up with really great formulas in this category but it’s worth the splurge if you find your holy grail product at the high-end counter. Good brand foundations provide more coverage and stay longer and don’t irritate your skin. Foundation is a product that you don’t need to play with every time, once you find your holy grail product stick to it. There’s no need to waste money on 6 bottles of foundations that don’t suit you but get one masterpiece that you can always rely upon.

Eye Makeup:

When it comes to Mascaras and eyeliners, shelf life is quite low and markets flooding with different shades of eyeliners and mascaras one can always rely upon and experiment with drugstore brands. I won’t recommend spending six times the price for a mascara that clumps up in just six months. When it comes to eyeshadows, you can definitely splurge on nude palettes that you are going to use on an everyday basis- as high-end eyeshadows have better pigmentation, less fallout and stay longer but for dramatic looks and more loud colors, you can always opt for drugstore eyeshadows as you won’t be using them regularly and they won’t increase you budget.


As they say, a girl can never have enough of lipsticks but the situation here is a bit tricky. Even best of brands bleed. Buying lipstick from high end or drugstore brand depends totally on one’s budget and preference. If you are tight on your budget, don’t lose heart as few drugstore brands offer equally good quality lipsticks that can put your high-end purchase on shame. I personally prefer buying lipsticks from Mac, Nyx and Sugar cosmetics. Their formulas are quite good and staying power is brilliant and color choice is endless. Always avoid buying lipsticks from local brands as the price and color choice they offer may look super alluring to you but they can harm your lips in the long run.

Blush / highlighter / bronzers:

When it comes to blushes, highlighters or bronzers you have plenty of good options available at drugstore and thanks to beauty bloggers who always take the pain for us and find us dupes of high-end brands. Avoid buying from cheap brands as they may end up looking chalky on your skin but brands like Maybelline, la girl, Nyx, Wet N Wild have great products in this category and if we talk about pigmentation, color is always buildable. The thing is everyone loves to experiment with different shades, so I guess it’s not healthy to splurge on one single color unless you fall in high tax payer slab ūüėČ

Nail Paints:

When it comes to nail paints prefer buying drugstore brands unless you are a fan of a particular high-end shade that can’t be found anywhere else. I would be willing to spend on a high-end nail varnish if it stays put longer, but my Maybelline one’s stay longer than my Chanel nail paints. You can always enhance your nail color with a clear gel nail varnish as your top coat.

Happy Shopping! ūüôā

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