Well we all shop makeup and beauty products sometimes out of curiosity or out of boredom and sometimes just to pamper ourselves. Such compulsive shopping trips either end up in buying products that  lay unused on our beauty tables or become one of our favorites that we keep buying in future. So, its always a Hit or a Miss. Sharing few products that got ticked or crossed off my beauty list.

Autograph Inspire by Marks & Spencer:  This is my current favorite fragrance. A sweet flowery scent with top notes of Pepper and the delicate Sandalwood aroma is such a mood uplifter. Be it my Pillows, Curtains or Quilts and Clothes of course, nothing has escaped from this fragrance. Although when it comes to fragrance, Choice is always personal but for me this one gets a thumbs up 😉

Lansley Magic Snail White Cream : Instead of using it as a beauty product I ended up using it as a makeup product. I felt it like an all in one product, that brightened up my skin without using any other makeup products like foundation or concealer. It was a big hit initially but frequent use made my skin bit sensitive and red, So I am bit scared to use it anymore. Definitely a Thumbs Down 🙁

Forest Essential Facial Toner :  It has very mild rosy fragrance that I personally prefer. I always keep it in my bag to freshen up my skin while traveling and even spray it a bit on my face after I finish doing my makeup, as it sets my makeup perfectly and evens out any dry patches left behind by any particular makeup product. This product is such a lifesaver and I will keep buying it again and again. Thumbs Up 🙂

CLINIQUE Pink Chocolate Lipstick :  A neutral brown shade with pink undertones was bought for its moisturizing effect on my lips. But it doesn’t lasts long and I don’t find it worth the price. But if you like fragrance free and moisturizing formulas you can give it a try.

Loreal Mythic Oil : I am using this product from past couple of months and I find it okay type nothing magical. Its not bad but I have used Hair oil serums in past that were way too good in comparison to this one. I am just finishing it up to shop a new product soon. So,this one is neither a Hit or a Miss!

Forest Essential ALOE VERA & SANDALWOOD Sunscreen Lotion : I bought this Sunscreen as it consists of Aloe Vera and Sandalwood, both my favorites when it comes to skincare. But I hardly use it as it is too sticky and makes my skin sweat whenever I apply it. I am glad that I bought a travel size pack. Definitely a miss for me.


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