It is not always that I share my personal struggles with you guys. Sometimes just because I don’t know where to start from and how to express them on this platform so that it doesn’t look chaotic. But today with all the courage I sat to pen down few things that I had to face since my teens or growing years. This post is for all you girls out there who go through body shaming and bullying by people who are close to you and by the groups you belong to. By sharing my experience I hope I could help you in some way. We all go thorough it be it body shaming, peer pressure or bullying at some stage in life. Although I am a strong and confident girl who loves the way I am but still there were days when I too succumbed to these biased opinions from friends or family. But today Do I care? Absolutely Not!!

I was bullied or made fun as an overweight girl during my school days although I was never that fat kid who used to hog on burger and patties endlessly without doing any sort of physical activity. I am into yoga since my teens and I love dancing but yes, I never looked skinny or fell under 50kg category like my fellow classmates. I always had a round face that added to the problem. Being an active student throughout my life, be it dance or sports I used to be a fun-loving girl who was loved and admired by many but there are always few bunch of people or I would say insecure people who can feed on their insecurities by bringing you down and today sometimes I laugh at myself that why even those bullshit opinions mattered to me at that point of time. Let me say that yes during your teens you are much more sensitive and these little things do affect your personality, decision-making and so does on your future growth and I still regret taking those crap things to my heart and my head. I am going to jot down few pointers on how you can overcome these situations if you ever feel like falling into the trap.

  • Remember no one is perfect : Embrace your flaws and never let people bully you on that. There’s more to you just than your body.
  • Always focus on the brighter side : Your best friend must be having that perfect waistline or hair but you could be having better grades in studies or an upper hand in extra circular activities. So, never underestimate yourself on the scale of set beauty standards.
  • Work on yourself : Life is always about evolving. I would never advocate the idea of taking life for granted and not doing anything for the issues we face. Sometimes criticism is the best thing that can happen to us, it brings to our notice the areas we need to improve on and thus making us a better person. Always try to become the better version of yourself.
  •  Never ever succumb to Body shaming : It’s not our fault that we have a particular skin or body type but if we take it to our head and spend our time sulking about it then it is definitely our fault. The day we start  believing ourselves whole world would start believing in us.

No one is born perfect, so just drop down the idea of being one and start living your life embracing the beautiful mess you are – life would be much easier this way! Don’t you agree?




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    Hats off to you..lookng beautiful nd vibrant…keep shining swthrt❤️❤️❤️

    • Reply April 14, 2018

      Sunaina mittal

      Thank you so much!! That means a lot coming from you 🙂

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