Hello Fellas !! Happy new year to you all and hope 2015 is treating you well . Mine started on a really bad note 🙁 but optimism is what always keep me going on . This year I am all geared up to take new challenges with an optimistic approach . Its all about the attitude you keep about things in life that can change even a negative phase into a positive one and hope this year I am not going to live life agreeing things I am not comfortable doing and would try and be little more independent . So , hands down to my fighter spirit and here I am again with an outfit post on the blog 🙂

Talking about winter fashion if I could I would love to snuggle up in my blanket wearing my woollen pyjamas or track pants whole day but playing little dress up surely shifts your mood and is a therapy in itself .  Occasionally some random trips to nearby coffee joints give you a reason to dress up a bit too . Here I am wearing laced black jumpsuit ( although its all hidden )that I bought to wear during a special occasion October last year but somehow could not get a chance to wear it . This is my first time I am wearing a jumpsuit and it could not be safer than a black one and wearing it under a jacket if you have love handles to hide lol … but surely it was looking much better without jacket due to its lace back details . Would be wearing it when season would allow on the blog too .

If you are from north India or have visited it you must be knowing how acute winter weather is here. You need to wear scarfs , stoles , caps or beanies to keep yourself warm and even if you don’t like wearing them you have to keep them handy as you never know when a sunny day turns up to be cold windy day in minutes . Here I have created a very simple and effortless monochrome look with my favourite moto jacket and added a shawl to it as it was much cold outside. I never tried or thought of wearing biker jackets myself and was always a long coat lover but blogging surely inspires and allows me to try different things and this is the also one of the  reason why I started it. More than being a dictator of fashion its always fun being a learner and trying new things . What’s your say on this winter look of mine . Do share with me in the comments section below . Have a nice time ahead and do keep stopping by Nainazway for more outfit and beauty posts .


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