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                                     How are you all ?? At last winter is averting its way to let spring and summer arrive !! I was so desperately waiting for spring this time as i never had been a person who loves to wear a plethora of clothes and hide under them !! I have seen some people around me who even wear two pairs of socks at one time to keep themselves protected from frigid weather conditions :)) God save them !! But after all it’s all about personal choices 🙂 So , no offense !! I am more of cottons and comfortable clothing type of person !! I am basically a pyjama person at home ! Sounds Cliche 🙂  But YES !! the worst fear i had when i was about to get married was that how would i do with out my pyjamas during day ( as living with your in laws sometimes don’t let you wear or live the way you want to ) You have to be well dressed or at least properly dressed all the time , but some how i am used to it now … My lovely pyjamas are now replaced with my Biba kurtis and pallazos which are equally comfortable . Pyjamas are still there but just for sleeping in them 🙂
Hey what was the post all about and see what i am discussing with you all :)) .. This means i am very much comfortable with my blog now and with you all that i love to discuss my everyday issues with you and I think  this is what blogging is all about !! Expressing , Sharing & Bonding!! : )
Who says that you don’t need to apply anything on your skin if its oily or sensitive !! oily skin equally need everyday care  just like other skin types so that it does not misbehaves 🙂 just the trick is to use the right products , and i personally prefer products that have minimum chemicals and are all natural !! So , here i am sharing with you what all i use on my oily and sensitive skin 🙂 you can try them too if you have similar skin type 🙂
Now lets just go through how i care for my skin during night and what products i use every night to keep it supple and smooth .. You must have heard lots of times that it’s necessary to take care of your skin and give it an extra effort and treatment every night before going to bed as this is the time when it  repairs itself from the damage caused during day due to dust , sun and pollution . So, here is how i let it breath and get refreshed every night before going to bed !! 🙂
First and foremost step is cleaning my face with Fab India Tea Tree Cleansing Milk ( reviewed HERE on the blog ) . It helps me to get rid of all the deep settled dust or any light makeup that i have used during the day like kajal , tinted moisturizer OR basic daily things like sunscreen etc . I just take some of its on the cotton ball and gently clean my face with it . This first step itself refreshes my skin and makes it feel like breathing .
Next thing i do is just wash my face off with my most favorite chemical free cleanser ( reviewed HERE ) that just allows to wash of all the left residue of tea tree cleanser from my skin and helps to protect my skin from breakouts and acne’s !! I am going to stick to this cleanser for life long !! Its a bliss for my sensitive skin 🙂
After cleansing what i do is toning my skin with Fabindia Neem Tulsi Skin Toner . I would admit that i avoid toning everyday during winters as toning tends to make skin bit dry and this can further be the cause for acne and zits  . Make sure that the toner you are using for your skin is not alcohol based . (Reviewed it HERE )
Next step is applying my Lakme Youth Infinity cream ( reviewed here ) to ward off  ageing from my skin . Using a right anti ageing formula from your mid twenties is a wise option to regret later not trying it .  I apply it on alternate days as using it everyday invite small pimples on your skin as its a retinyl based formula . on other days i just massage my skin with extra virgin forest essential almond oil (reviewed it here ) and go to bed 🙂
For eyes i use aroma magic under eye cream as i am noticing little dark circles creeping as a side effect of working on computer for long hours !! Its really working for me 🙂 Have started noticing difference within a week post its application and it costs just Rs.135 for 20 gram .
And the thing that i don’t do on everyday basis but once a week is exfoliating and scrubbing my skin !! These are two exfoliating scrubs that i am using these days . One is  CALVIN KLIEN facial scrub and one is LOTUS HERBALS PROFESSIONAL skin brightening exfoliator . Both help to remove dead skin and open my clogged pores and this step is done after cleansing and followed by toning  🙂
Next step is a good 7 to 8 hours of sleep and three to four liters of waters everyday . No cream or lotion can replace or beat these two things !! so have it everyday as it wont charge you anything like other beauty products  !!  😉
This is what i bought latest !! Would come with its review on the blog after testing every bit of it 😉 .. Till then stay happy and young !! 🙂

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