Hiya everyone !!

                This month i bought some beauty and bath products and in this post i would be sharing these goodies with you . Their review is still pending on the blog as I at least use my products for a month except lipsticks and then put their review on the blog 🙂 Out of these some of the products would be up on the blog soon with a full detailed review  🙂

The product that i am loving the most these days is this Pulse perfume from Zara . I am not much a fan of strong perfumes or deodorants . In summers too i hardly use any deodorant as i think people who use deodorants more are more prone to body odour in the long run . The thing i rely upon to let not my body smell of sweat is to keep it hydrated as much as i could  . But this pulse perfume from Zara is what i think is best suited for my needs . Does not smells too strong and have a nice subtle fruity fragrance and just applying it on my pulse points is enough to keep me feeling fresh and mesmerized . Staying power is not too long but as it is travel friendly you can easily carry it in your handbag and get that extra helping whenever the need arise. It cost me rs. 395 .

Next product is this chocolate and mint shower gel from Original Source . Who can resist chocolates and if i cant eat them regularly ( weight issues 🙁 ) at least I can  have them in my shower everyday now . It’s chocolaty and minty fragrance just smell yummy .  Bought it for rs. 299 and after finishing this bottle i am going to try its other variants too .. I am eyeing on their Lemon and Tea tree and Vanilla milk Raspberry shower gel now  🙂

My third favorite this month is cocoa butter beautifying oil from THE BODY SHOP . It has really shown amazing results on my skin  . If you have read my earlier posts i am not much a fan of chemical based products for my skin and recently instead of using moisturizers loaded with chemical on my face i have switched to using beauty oils  . Was sceptical before to use any kind of oil on my face as my skin is a bit on the oilier side but still they have not caused any acne or zits on my skin . My skin is feeling really nurtured and have improved a lot  and this oil from TBS  is a solution for your every beauty problem . It can be used on face , hair and body all three , but till now i have used it only on my face and i am quite happy with the results . It costs you rs.895  for a 100  ml pack .

Another favorite this month is my Aloe Vera Juice from Forest Essentials . Solution to every skin problem either its acne , pimples , redness , itchiness or dryness . I use it my shower sometimes when i am not in the mood of applying body lotion and its also a substitute for my night cream the days when i am really lazy :p  . Non sticky and non oily it really keeps my skin hydrated and nourished from within and does not contain any artificial fragrance .This 100 ml bottle cost me rs.475 🙂

So , these were my most favorite products this month . And some of these are gonna stay in my beauty basket for a longer period i am sure 🙂 Would love to know your favorite beauty products this month and how they worked on your skin in the comments section 🙂 Hope you like this post and the products too 🙂


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