life is at its best with a morning wake up call from mom with tea on your bed side , when you don’t have to decide what to prepare for breakfast instead you get your favorite things on your breakfast table without any hardships . This is to the life when you are at your moms place and I am enjoying it to the bits .
A lazy life sometimes brings glow to your skin . Its not always about how well you are eating , what all you are eating or what skin care regimen are you following but sometimes its all about the love you are getting . I know I need to control as the love and laziness combo often let me into wrong indulgences . So this time iam going to receive all the love minus the unwanted calories 😉 :p
Here the pants that I am wearing reminds me of the dress code seen in movies for prisnors so I named these as jailer pants . They are super comfortable and perfect for that evening out with your friends . Added bit bling to it to make it look bit dressy . You can even pair it with a spaghetti top and when months get little cooler just throw a denim shirt over it . I paired it with a structured black top from vero moda as climate here is still not appropriate for a denim shirt . The flats that I am wearing here were a steal deal from flipkart . I was bit fishy about their quality as they don’t have any brand tag but at last I am happy with them . They are comfortable enough and quality wise also they feel and look great .

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