Hello everyone !!
To ask  Do you love shopping is an irrelevant question !!    isn’t it ?  We all love shopping Of course 🙂   excluding Boyfriends or Husbands coz its always intense on their time and their pocket both  :p but we girls love each and everything related to term Shopping !! At least I can shop till i drop 😉

If i am not going out for shopping at least i am doing it online .. This is by far the most fun thing that i love to do and  its like a ritual nowadays 😉

Virtual shopping can never replace real store shopping experience . The things that could be touched and felt are much more reliable . But for people living in small cities online shopping is a bliss !! You can browse through the brands that are not available to you even at 1000 miles and still you can shop them just sitting at home .

Being a shopaholic I have learnt some DO’S and DON’TS while going out shopping to make it a lot more easier and fun  .

So, Next time you go shopping these little things could help you in having a fuss free experience  !!

  • Never wear buckled or lace shoes while you have to shop for bottom wears .It would be confusing and irritating to remove and tie them every time during trials .
  • Always wear a dark colored inner inside so its not a problem when you wanna try sheer tops or dresses . Spaghetti or Camisoles are not always available at some stores .
  • Avoid carrying large handbags !! Sling bags are a wiser option as these are easy to carry . plus you can keep your hands free to grab those goodies screaming to you !! “come get me my love 😉 i am all yours “
  • Try not to wear accessories that are likely to get stuck into your clothes and rip them . And nobody likes to pay for such hopeless goods …
  • Avoid wearing skin tight jeans or trousers as they will take much time to get removed and worn again during trials and some times in trial rooms they don’t even have any sitting option like stools or chairs available to let you wear them back comfortably .
  • Always keep change with you as you always need it at every counter . You wont like to give away a thousand rupee note for just paying something below 100 and when there is bargaining allowed its must to have it with you !!
  • Avoid wearing bright creamy or gloss based lip colors while going out shopping as they can leave stains on the clothes that you are wearing or the one’s you are trying on yourself to buy  . I always prefer wearing matte shades when i am shopping for clothes .
  • Wearing flats like ballerinas or kohlapuris are best option as these are very comfortable and you can spend hours shopping without getting exhausted .
  • Avoid pinning up your hair while shopping as you will ruin your best done hairstyle during your trial sessions !! Loose hair are the best option as they are easy to manage 🙂

So , I hope this post helps you in enhancing your comfort level when you go shopping next time 🙂

Following are the looks that may just be appropriate for a shopping day out !! Have a look :))

And here is what i wore for a shopping day out !!

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