Pigmented lips !! Here’s the solution for it !!


Hello girls !!
              This is my first #diy lip care post on the blog . Hope ! you all like it 🙂 You must be aware by now from my earlier posts or product reviews on the blog that i am a great admirer of Organic and Ayurvedic products. I keep searching for such products and remedies as i try to avoid using harsh chemicals based cosmetic products on my skin . My current favorite ayurvedic brand these days for my skin and hair care is Forest Essentials . I must say that their products are just way too awesome !! may be a bit heavy on our pocket but still i think it’s wise to spent a good amount on decent quality products then to spend endless amount on plethora of different chemical based products that do more of harm than doing anything much good to our skin .
           Pigmented lips are a major problem that most women face these days and some of the reasons behind it’s cause are :
  • Using cheap brand lipsticks
  • Sun exposure
  • Biting your lips
  • Not moisturizing them with a good lip balm
  • Sleeping with your lipstick still on your lips
  • Not removing your lipstick at the end of the day with a proper makeup remover
  • Excessive intake of caffeine
       All above are the major causes for lip pigmentation or darkening of our lips . One thing we always forget is that just applying sunscreen on our face is not enough , we need to apply it everyday on our lips too . We must use lip balm everyday from a good brand containing right amount of SPF and apply it before applying any other cosmetic product on our lips . There are a number of these available in Indian market like Baby lips by Maybelline  or MED protection by Nivea that contain SPF  15 or 20 . These days I use my Maybelline Baby Lips everyday . Pigmented lips need to be treated as we cant apply nude or light shade lipsticks on them and sometimes need to wear lipstick all the time to hide discolored lips 🙁  Tough isn’t it ??
     So , here i come with a natural and easy solution for you all . This #DIY remedy for pigmented lips is just awesome and works beautifully to treat them for sure . Below given is the list of ingredients that you will need to make it at home . Generally all these basic products are already there on our beauty shelves 🙂
  • Dabur Gulab Jal -40ml ( soothing on lips )
  • Dabur Glycerine  – 25mg ( moisturize lips and avoid getting them dry )
  • Fresh roses from the garden – 2 ( gives natural rosy color to the lips )
  • Forest Essentials Almond oil (Extra Virgin ) -10ml ( helps in lightening of lips )
  • An empty bottle or any small container

All we have to do is mix all these ingredients in the empty bottle or container that we have and shake them well .Then keep the container aside for two days and you will notice that the rose petals have shed their  original red color and had become either transparent or white . Now this solution is ready to be applied on  lips at any time of day or night whenever the need arise , but it’s must that we do apply it regularly before going to bed to get the desired result . Just dip your cotton swab into the solution and swipe it on your lips and avoid eating or drinking anything for at least half an hour post its application . You will start noticing visible results within a month or so 🙂

        You can also chose your preferred brands for the particular ingredients but the above given are the best known brands for these products .Other than that one should avoid excessive intake caffeine and try to keep yourself hydrated as much as possible . Try it yourself and share this remedy with your friends also.  Do write in comments section below whether you liked it or not 🙂 and stay tuned for more such #diy ideas on the blog 🙂
 Tip of the day :  If you have pigmented lips do apply concealer on them before applying lipstick as it helps to hide the uneven tone of your lips whenever you are opting for a light colored lippie 🙂

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