We girls love cute packaging’s !! Don’t we ?? Every time I see cute beauty hampers I cant stop myself giving them a try and when they are from some organic and chemical free brand they become irresistible . Winters comes with its own inflictions of dry skin , chapped lips and cracked heels . I personally suffer from dry heels and if due to foggy mornings I can’t rush to my gym or my gym routine gets upset I start getting muscle aches here and there so these days I was searching for a nice body massage oil that should be a cure to all my such problems .

By now I am sure all you beauties out there must be knowing that I am a sucker for natural and chemical free skin care products . Recently I came across brand soulflower which is purely chemical free and  their products are hand made ( hand poured , hand milled , hand cut and hand wrapped ). Soulflower only uses essential and carrier oils , herbs , fruits , vegetables and flower extracts in its products . The brand offers a wide range of natural skin care products along with some pretty room décor items like floating aroma candles , potpourri’s and ceramic diffusers .

Soulflower main mission is to ‘ fill everyones life with aroma
Soulflower believe in spa@home and offers tempting , exciting , natural handmade vibrant spa products that transform our hectic urbane life into an oasis of peace and calm . All their products are fresh and organic , 100% vegetarian , chemical and completely animal fat free and to know more you can reach their website here .

As it was my first purchase from Soulflower I decided to buy this irresistible cute happy feet hamper set that contained small quantities of all the products that I needed at the moment . This box contains
  • Happy feet soap
  • Ocean blue aroma bath salt
  • Foot reflexology aroma massage oil
  • Walk in the wood potpourri
The first thing that really attracts is their cute bottle packagins in the hamper and almost all the products in it smell divine . I am using the happy feet vegan soap on daily basis as a feet soap and it really makes a difference how your feet look and cleans them very well . Its a basic soap that’s quite big in size and using it on everyday basis will make it last for three months at least . It smells so refreshing and amazing . The best thing about it is that it doesn’t make your heels dry and doesn’t smell weird like other natural or organic soaps .
Soulflower ocean blue bath salt could be used daily during bath and could be added to warm water during manicure and pedicure sessions at home . Brand claims to treat body aches , body odors and skin inflammation with this bath salt but haven’t felt anything like that still after a week of using it . But may be in the long run it could  . Honestly speaking if the product smells funky i wont be buying it again and this is the case with ocean blue bath salt from soulflower . But I also ordered aroma bath salt tropical sunset along with this hamper which smell really nice so would be using it further instead of this one . Skip this one if you cant tolerate weird smelling products like me .
Its an everyday routine for me to dry my feet with a clean towel after taking bath and apply my favourite foot cream on them . These days I am using this foot reflexology tea tree oil which has bit strong but intresting fragrance to massage my feet . Just a few drops and it delivers instant shine and lustre to the skin . I am constantly on my toes from morning to in the afternoon and when I get this little me time to relax I use this oil again and it really soothes my tired feet . It has a strong tea tree and peppermint fragrance which stays long on your body . Can be used on your body even and I would say this massage oil is a must buy from soulflower .
The last but not the least is their walk in the wood essential oil potpourri . It just smell awesome . Aquatic blue in color I have emptied it in a glass jar and kept it along my bed side table . It looks beautiful and keeps the surrounding fresh and aromatic as well . This could be kept in your almiras also and for that I am definitely going to order some more from their range .
So, I would really recommend this happy feet hamper from Soulflower . Would be a complete package for daily fuss free pedicures at home .
You can shop Soulflower products here here here and here .

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