Summers may appear to be hot, humid and horrid. Yet, the wardrobe can be turned into a closet of magic if stalked well and preferably, according to ones comfort quotient. It’s almost a nightmare to imagine being covered up in clothes that make the summers even worse. Comfort is the key for every beauty out there. For this summer – cool is comfortable. Stalk buy love, keeps this in their mind and brings a magical wardrobe of maxi-skirts, summer dresses and trousers for women that can help you beat the heat and yet look your fantastic self. Here are five amazing must-haves for this hot-hot summer.

‘Less is more’ is a mantra that keeps the summers alive. Given that during the winter you don’t have much of a choice but wear enough to ward off the cold. Summer gives you the choice to show off your beautiful body. Shorts, skirts and dresses are all the rage. Shades and hair-scrunchies are just the cherries on the cake. Tones that are light and summery suit the season beautifully. It’s the season to look your best.


Summer dresses




The whole reason why summers are absolutely the best time for short dresses is simply because it’s the perfect height that makes you feel light and airy. It doesn’t stick to you and yet gives you the perfect image. For a very summery and cool vibe one can always opt for subtle and light shades perfectly paired with buns and shades. If you want a slightly elegant look that has a touch of class you can always opt for monochrome with studs and droplets for earrings. Given that, you’re all set for burning the grounds because you’re already decked in  flourishing summer dresses.






A skirt that’s cool yet elegant. Found in literally every possible print and color, if paired with a matching or contrasting sleeveless top and a slight touch of lipstick and earrings of your choice – you can hit the road, looking nothing but classy. Just don’t forget heels or slip-ons to add some color to those maxi skirts.


Trousers for your spirit




Trousers are the ultimate for that casual and chic look. They are perfect for a T-shirt or even a top and some funky hair-style and very comfortable canvas shoes. You’ve got a girl who knows how to enjoy this weather. You can change your whole look with some bold lipstick if needed. Formal trousers are more than just great for a different look. Informal ones range from simple to funky. Yet, all of them give you one message –

Trousers for women are game-changers.’





As long as Shorts are well fitted they are the best companions for the months of heat. Found in almost any color and any material from jeans to cotton they can change what you look like as per how you wear them. Shorts have been girls’ favorite, since forever. They beat this heat better than a pack of ice does.


Crop tops



Fitted well and ending at just the correct place so as to accentuate your figure. Crop-tops are the trend that everyone follows. It’s indeed an absolute must to stay in the fashion-game. It goes perfectly well with shorts, skirts and even jeans. Crop tops may have funky writings, florals or even monochromes. One may even consider pairing it with a shrug if necessary. Slits in crop tops too seem to be making quite some rounds. Sleeves also make quite a difference in their look. But one thing is for sure – they are definitely going to make an impression if worn well.


Summers are perfect for any occasion because one can experiment with colors, shades and materials. Length is hardly an issue. It’s the perfect time for deep necks and bare backs. However, it indeed is a difficult task to keep up with the fashion trends and demands especially when you need to keep in mind that the heat is beating down on you. Yet, the aim is to look your level best and remain comfortable. Keeping calm, comfortable and beautiful is the aim. Trousers, maxi-skirts and dresses can help a great deal with that.


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