So, here I am with another post which is in continuation of my last blog post. As the fashion Gurus always insist on the idea of versatility and investing in clothes that you could at least style in three different possible ways. I always endeavor to stick to this idea whenever I shop for myself. In this post, I choose to wear the pants that I got stitched with a super breathy and light mustard top in this summer heat. Let me bring to your notice that how just changing the top and handbag changed the whole look as compared to the look I created in the previous post HERE. As the previous look was a bit sober and this one is much more fun and girly. As we are talking about the versatility of fashion and clothing, let’s just keep few things in mind while shopping for ourselves.

  • It may sound cliche but always invest in good basics, they must be of good quality and comfortable as you are going to wear them a lot.
  • Never get over-driven by trends. Buy only things that suit your body type. It’s always fun to be experimental but make sure they are true to your personality.
  • The fit is an important part whenever you shop. Try before you buy.
  • Stay true to your style, don’t buy something just because everyone else is wearing it.
  • Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale unless until you are in love with it. Save your money to buy one key piece rather than spending it on ten different things just because they are on sale.
  • Shop alone sometimes, you won’t be swayed to buy something that your friend loves more than you love it.

Hope you find this post helpful. H♥ppy Shopping!

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