My Grand mom used to say that eat what you like but dress the way people like . Although I never followed any such rules in my life but still there are few people whom i pay heed to when i have to
pick clothes for myself . It used to be my Mom before and now its Mr. Husband but problem with both of us is that we never agree on the same choices . Most of the time we shop together and when we are shopping for him he really considers what i choose and likes it too but when it comes to shop for me we hardly have similar views about a particular style . Its good to wear what you personally like but sometimes you love to do things for your loved ones that make them happy. Isn’t it like that ? and this time the sweater i am wearing here was totally his pick . I was hunting for a waist coat or a jacket but found him getting too upset with my monochrome picks every time and especially my love for blacks and greys . So, even i scrutinized a bit and found he is right . I really need to put a full stop on my love for black , greys and whites for sure . So i decided to go with what he chose for me but indeed styled it my way.

I was not sure with over sized jumpers as they look more good on skinny girls . But its always worth taking risks . Keeping the whole look very basic i layered my tangerine jumper with a striped shirt underneath and teamed it with very my really comfortable skinny jeans from Dorothy Perkins . My love for this brand is growing day by day but one thing that really bothers me is why don’t they have my size shoes . Dorothy Perkins have some awesome choices with shoes this time on Jabong but my size which is size 40 is never available or I can say never on their size chart .Would be calling their customer care after doing this post for sure 🙂 Anyways , talking about the tangerine jumper you can style it in many ways . Wear it with a skater skirt either in black or a floral one with sneakers for that cool and young girlie look . On an average day just team it with acid washed light blue denims and a nice pair of black or nude heals . Acid wash denims were my first choice to wear with this jumper but as they are absent in my wardrobe i chose to style it with pieces i already have with me .

So , let your loved ones pick clothes for you but do style them your way . Hope you loved how i styled this look and do share with me how you are going to style your look with a similar jumper 🙂



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