When it comes to outfit inspiration, like most of us Pinterest is my favourite too and whenever I fill retro inspired looks in the search option, all I can see is colour blocked outfits and images of girls with big hair poufs, Bobs with colourful headscarves or wearing heels with socks. Considering Retro fashion, we often contemplate polka dots, big sunglasses, quirky socks, bow ties or headscarves as inseparable elements in a vintage inspired look. Although these props are my personal favourite too, but I wanted to create a look that doesn’t have all these elements and still fall into the retro style category.

These bottoms from Only are my absolute favourite, whenever I wish to give my outfit some vintage edge. I previously created a retro look on the blog with these (check here). Therefore, I paired these pants with a bird print top with really interesting detailing on its sleeves, my favourite suede heels, and this bucket bag was a no-brainer. It always follows along whenever I wear these heels (check here) I really loved the way this look turned out with all the three elements that I breathe in when it comes to styling an outfit – Classic, comfortable and wearable. Hope you like this look and I am really grateful to all you guys out there who take time and read my blog. Thank you All ♥


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