Winter comes along with its own skin issues and even if its common to say beauty lies skin deep we can’t ignore the importance of good skin . Although one needs to eat healthy for smooth and lustrous skin but taking care of it from outside is equally important . Dry and chapped skin is a big no no as it is directly signals your laziness . Acne or pimples are somehow sometimes not in one’s control but at least skin otherwise should not look unattended . In winters we need to take little extra care of our skin and by extra care it doesn’t mean one need to overload it with products full of chemicals  but just keep it well moisturised and clean with products chosen wisely that should not harm our skin in the long run .

I was lucky enough to be blessed with very good skin naturally . In fact the only thing I knew for my skin during my teenage days was multani mitti ( calamine ) or aloe vera gel (all in natural form) as my skin is bit oily and Trust me !! I never had bad skin days during my early twenties . But recently due to some health woes and being on antibiotics for almost six months I am noticing my skin getting bit drier and acnes popping out every then and now.  And so my search begin for some good skin care products and being a believer in natural skin care I was looking out for some good organic and natural skin care brand .

Talking about Ayurveda products one comes to think about stinky , smelly and oily skin care products very much unbearable for todays generation . In todays fast moving life one doesn’t have time to grind , rub or extract juices from herbs or plants for natural products . Everyone needs readymade solution which is easy to follow and effective too .Some Ayurveda brands that boasts of natural products are still loaded with all the harmful chemicals like paraben , paraffin wax , mineral oil etc. and artificial fragrances but finding FOREST ESSENTIALS was a dream come true . Their mantra is “If you can not eat it , donot use it on your skin ” . Products are based and categorized on the basis of three main elements or three faces of beauty , Vata , Pitta , Kapha and are organic cold pressed and chemical free made in traditionally old fashioned way. I have been using their products from past one year and I just noticed that they are the solution for my winter skin woes .

Top on the list is their Kashmiri Saffron and Neem delicate facial cleanser which I have been using past one year and have occupied a permanent place in my beauty basket . It has very subtle and beautiful aroma and is very light on skin . Being chemical free doesn’t let your skin dry after wash during winters . It has really helped me during my bad acne days and this is the reason why it deserves and wins my loyalty .

As we all know that Sunscreen is must even during winters . For me as I mostly stay indoors, I don’t need a strong sunscreen so this Aloe Vera and Sandalwood sunscreen lotion is just apt for me . Its non sticky and works as a moisturiser too as it contains Aloe Vera . Works great on oily skin and being light doesn’t feel like sunscreen at all . Smells really good and gets absorbed by the skin very well.

My another favourite winter skin care product is their Cane Sugar Lip Scrub . Bought it as I have some fond love for cute little pretty box packaging’s . But the product turned out really worth winters as dry lips are very well treated by this lovely scrub . Have orange like citrus taste and smell and really leaves lips soft and supple after application . Though very little in amount I found it bit pricy , but as we say good things come at good price so never mind . I use it everyday twice at least and scrubbing my lips with it before applying matte lipsticks really helps a lot. .

Another winter warrior in my basket is their Aloe Vera Juice . A good option if you are aware of all the benefits of Aloe Vera  for your skin but hesitate smelling or applying it raw . This is by far the best gel I have come across . Without any artificial fragrance it can be used as daily moisturiser and also could be used in face packs . I apply it daily after bath on my face and sometimes if needed on body too .

One product that I am definitely slave of is their Cold Pressed Organic Almond Oil . Smells like real almonds and could be used in many ways during winters . You can apply on your skin whens its dry or mix it with your hair oil to give your hair extra shine and lustre , or use it on your face as an anti ageing product . I just massage few drops of it on my skin before going to bed and get a happy skin free of dryness and blemishes  { Give me an ear 🙂 just add half a spoon of it in your glass of hot milk at night would do wonders for your skin and digestive system too }

So, these were some of my favourites from FOREST ESSENTIALS that I am currently using for my winter skin care and would be trying some new ones from this brand very soon . If you ever get a chance do try their products once as they are really worth giving a try and now just having their stores only in selected ten cities in India does not hold you back from buying them anymore . You can shop their products online on their official site HERE and also at jabong and flipkart  HERE  and  HERE . Any queries related to the above mention products don’t hesitate to email me at . Would love to hear from you Guys !! 🙂



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